Saturday, February 14, 2015

Publishing Party! And Staffing News :(

What a week...

MONDAY - we realized that in just 2 days we would have guest arriving for our Publishing Party on Wed and we were not sure if we were ready. BUT we got to work and if we had finished, we started helping others and started helping to prepare the Museum Space.

TUESDAY -  we worked during class, during lunch, after school...As I left Tuesday at 8pm, the Museum was HUNG!! (thank you Mary and Gabrielle for helping!).

WEDNESDAY - SO many parents came!!! The students guided their guests first to their American History Museum exhibit and then around the room and hallway to the other areas of the museum. It was so peaceful, just like at a real museum. People strolling, stopping to view and read and learn.

Once we viewed, we all came back together and I asked, "What did you learn?" and hands shot up to share facts they learned. Then I read this quote:

As American poet and novelist, Robert Penn Warren (!905-1989) says:
"History cannot give us a program for the future, 
but it can give us a fuller understanding of ourselves, and of our common humanity, 
so that we can better face the future."
and I asked if they saw anything today that will help them to better face the future. Again, brave responses shared. We also asked about the process. How did it feel on Monday and Tuesday and then today. So many reflected that they did not think they would finish but then once they focused and got help from a friend to tape info onto their poster, they were able to finish.

What did I learn?
I love the workshop model for so many reasons! This Informational Writing Unit reminded me that writing is hard and is a process that all go through at their own pace. But then in the end, ALL can write to teach. I loved making an authentic museum! I loved transforming the room/hallway into a museum. I loved seeing how everyone helped everyone! I barely slept or ate Mon-Wed but I got so much energy from seeing the kids work so hard to be ready for a Publishing Party!

THURSDAY - My Principal called a mandatory after-school meeting and announced that she will be leaving at the end of this school year. She has the opportunity to open a new Middle School in the Brookland area of D.C. She is a brilliant visionary and is the perfect pick for this job. When asked about the AP and Instructional Coaches, they said they hope to follow her there as well. WOW....what news. I'm still processing...

FRIDAY - a professional development day so no kids to teach and a chance to learn some new tricks about writing and reading. And the chance to go out to lunch and grab a beer after work. ALL needed after such a busy week!

Now, a 3-day weekend! Happy President's Day!  (55 days until Spring Break!)

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