Sunday, February 1, 2015

February 1 - a weekend of writing report card comments

This was my weekend schedule:
Saturday - alarm goes off at 5:30am and I'm at Starbucks by 6:30am writing report card comments. At 1pm, I take a break to shower and then go to a deli and write more comments. At 6pm, I stop to have dinner and watch the undefeated UVA men's basketball team lose to Duke. I then go to bed.

Sunday - alarm goes off at 5:30am but I sleep for a bit more and I'm at Panera at 7am writing more comments. I take a break to do grocery shopping for the week and once home, do the dishes and put out the trash. Then back to writing more comments.

Now it is 5pm...I have completed the comments for three of the 5th grade classes I teach and have emailed them to their homeroom teacher. I still have to write comments for the 19 students in my homeroom....They are due Wed.

I need to figure out a system so this doesn't happen again. I can't write and write and write all weekend. What am I writing?

Here's a sample of Ellie's comment:

In Writing Workshop, your child grew as an argument essay writer by completing the writing process to produce three convincing essays. The techniques of oral debate were used as a way to strengthen the structure and development of each written essay. The techniques included learning about both sides of an issue equally, stating relevant reasons for one side of the issue, adding convincing researched evidence, and offering a counter-argument to the issue stated by the debate opponent. Your child continued to grow as a narrative writer by transferring the specific techniques of personal narrative to many small moment stories with more independence.

 Ellie progressed well this Advisory by participating in all aspects of Writing Workshop. She showed she could structure her essays well and develop her arguments using researched evidence to back up her reasons. During her third essay try, she was able to transfer these skills with more independence to write about the importance of green energy. In order to continue to grow as a writer, Ellie is using the 5th grade writing checklists, which remind her of the skills needed to structure, develop and include correct writing conventions in her writing pieces. Inspired by the winter holidays, she showed her creativity by publishing a clever poem written from the prospective of being a gingerbread person. One stanza reads:“The one problem is/I must confess/Everything would be candy!/Even my dress”

Most everyone is getting the first paragraph...then I am opening their writing folder to add specifics to that writer in the 2nd paragraph.

I think I like my job.
I know I need a better system.

I'm heading home to watch the Super Bowl and take a break.
19 more...I can do them tomorrow and Tuesday...

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