Saturday, February 21, 2015

2/20. Snow and Testing

Monday was a holiday - President 's Day.
Tuesday was a snow day.
Wednesday was a regular teaching day.
I did an overview of the PARCC test for each class and planned a narrative practice prompt for the kids to do the next day.
Thursday and Friday I had to teach in 4th grade to administer the district unit test to 4th graders like I will in March for the PARCC.
Now it is Saturday morning and I'm blogging on my kindle because I left school yesterday without my computer because  I wasn't in my room following my  normal routine...I can't focus...

So much comes at us fast as a teacher. So much to juggle. I see I need to let go and let the kids help more. But I am human and struggle to juggle so much. Am I just older and  not able to keep up? Or is too much asks  of us?

Oh well. I'll keep pondering. I'll just enjoy a computer-free weekend. I'll let  it go and celebrate that on Tuesday I get  to teach 5th grade in my room. (not Monday  because we voted to hold conferences after school so I have off Monday and get to conference from 4-7pm on Tuesday)

So much to juggle...

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  1. I understand. So much juggling as a teacher. <3