Friday, February 6, 2015

Feb. 6th - report card comments done!

So Monday reminded me of why I can't work and work and work on school stuff only all weekend. I also need to pay attention to my home life, like to the oil tank in the basement and call to have it refilled before it runs out. Because that is what happened...Monday morning it was empty. But I love the oil company - they came right out and refilled it. However, now I know to NEVER let it run totally out because then it requires a service call to have the oil man come clear the line of air so the furnace can keep running.

Due to this, I now know what it feels like to try to write report card comments when one is cold and worried that maybe the furnace is broken and if so, where will I sleep. So needless to say, NO comments got written on Monday. I literally couldn't think clearly because I was cold, awaiting for my hero, Herb from Petro Oil who finally did arrive at 10pm to magically get the furnace running again.

Tuesday a few done...Wed was the due date but I emailed to say I'd be late in posting my comments.
All but 5 to go as of 10pm Thursday night. The last 5 written between 5am-7am on Friday, today. DONE!

I so need a better system. As a departmentalized writing teacher, I can't spend 24 hours just writing comments. (I tracked my hours from Sat until now - yep, 24 hours devoted only to writing comments).

My new goal - a better system!

Wednesday is our Publishing Party for our informational writing unit, the first unit of the 3rd quarter. I need to electronically record feedback on this writing so then I can then cut and paste it faster when making comments. I hope to start making these comments as I go...not starting when they are due in days. With 80 kids, I can't.

But as a new writing teaching, I guess I just need to live it all this year...then next year will be better. It has to be better because it can't get worse than spending a week no-stop writing comments.


Next Post: the highlights of our Nonfiction Writing as an American History Museum Exhibit!!

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