Friday, February 7, 2014

2014 - Week 5: feeling weary on a Friday

Why do I feel so weary?
Monday I was fighting a cold that lasted most of the week. The regular 3am coughing fits might have something to do with my tired feeling. Another 2-hour delay on Wed and the class' response to the lack of a routine at school is another factor. The extra time spent completing a referral for my most struggling student, another for my most unfocused student, and then another two forms plus work samples as evidence that two of my students excel and should be considered for the Advanced Academics Program in my district (called GT in other areas) is a third reason.

* I gave out Book Club books on Monday and today they met and discussed and I was so proud of their conversations!!
* I finally figured out WHO can help me at my school - the SpEd teacher helped me with the referral, the AP helped connect me to the counselor who shared a behavior plan to help my unfocused friend. The AAP teacher shared great tips to complete the AAP paperwork. The RT continues to give me support and a listening ear.

This job is too hard to do when you feel alone. It takes SO many to help all kids in a school reach their potential. I'm starting to feel more supported. I need to remember that the new teacher next year isn't going to know what to ask, just like I didn't know what to ask this year. I need to remember to offer support before they would start to feel overwhelmed.

* Our Realistic Fiction Unit is going well!! Also, I'm going to grade their nonfiction e-books this weekend. I want to invite the parents in to see these and possibly get a few kids to make a "documentary" explaining HOW we made them. I hope to pull this will just take a bit of time! I especially want to do this as I have a few nervous parents in the room wondering about the use of the laptops. I am determined to show them how my emphasis is on using the computer to produce and how important this is for their child.

Low Points?
*The management of my 27 friends....

But day by day, it does improve. It just makes me weary...TGIF!
I definitely could not do this job without a weekend break each week!

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