Friday, January 31, 2014

2014 - Week 4: 3 days of teaching, kinda...

Monday - The kids love the new arrangement and I love the new arrangement! They said is it like a maze and I thought, exactly! Now, as they move, they must slow down to move through the maze of 4 desk clusters. Then, in record time, they came to sit in their assigned square on the rug for our mini-lessons.

Tuesday - We made it to the National Air and Space Museum. As teachers, we were concerned as the temperatures were predicted to be very low causing another 2 hour delay. But no word came, so the day proceeded as planned. It felt like we had rented out the museum for ourselves! Very few others ventured to the museum making me feel very relaxed. I was not afraid of losing any of my friends. We had fun learning as we walked from room to room. Then we watched Hubble 3D - awesome!! Now I want to be an astronaut when I grow up!

I went to sleep Tuesday night and surprisingly awoke to snow on the ground and ANOTHER 2-hour delay on Wednesday. Really?

However, I squeezed in time for the kids to think about ALL we had done during 2nd quarter. I created a Mind Map and they reflected on what they were proud of accomplishing during 2nd quarter and what they want to work on during the 3rd quarter.

We also ended our shortened day with a classroom cleaning party! Come Monday, we are ready to start quarter 3 with clean desk and orderly materials.

I spent Thursday completing report cards. I realize now that I really know these kids. I know their strengths. I have seen them grow. I see areas for further growth. I am happy that I still get two more quarters to learn with them!! I am glad I am a teacher back in the classroom!

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