Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Day 12 - meltdown for me:(

So much coming at me fast and by the end of Kiss and Ride Duty, I was spent. Then I returned to the room and picked up all they crap left on the floor and thought, "Who's in change, here. What a mess." So when 10 minutes later, the custodian said, "I know you are new here but you have to get the kids to pick up the room. I won't clean it when it is such a mess," I lost it. I took a walk and just cried.

I know it is only day 12 but I don't feel like I am in control of these 27 students. But maybe that's not how I should look at it. Maybe we need to have a class meeting and we come up with all the jobs that need to be done and we all work together to make this the best room to be in. I'm not in this alone. There are 28 of us.

I also feel the pressure to get the room working so the Reading Teacher can bring in other teachers to watch me teaching in a labsite situation. When she came in today I felt the mini-lesson went great. But then the independent writing time did not go great. I need to post, as Cornelius Minor suggested, a conference schedule. Then there needs to be writing options. I am teaching how to revise a draft and many felt done. In the meantime, maybe I have them return to their notebook and generate ideas while they wait for me to confer. So many writers!!

Tomorrow will be better. I won't have a meeting right up to the time the kids arrive (like I did today) so I will be more organized when they arrive. I will get them to help me get ourselves organized. I will keep breathing. I will get a good night sleep so I'm wide-awake and can be on.

Maybe that's what is so great abut teaching...I get to try again tomorrow!

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