Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Room 121

I spent all yesterday afternoon and then most of today (until the custodians said I had to leave at 7:30pm) getting my 4th grade classroom looking organized and inviting. Open House is Thursday at 11am. A few more hours tomorrow after county meetings and I'll be ready to invite my 28 students into the room and then our adventure begins!!

I got approval to have a classroom twitter account. We can be followed @MsD4thgrade.
My goal is to post a tweet a day, a summary of something that happened.
And I just taught myself (using the Help button on Twitter) how to post a photo to twitter.
So easy!

I added pictures of the smartest educators I know (Lucy, Carl, Kathleen, Jen, Ellin, and Annie) with a wise saying within their speak bubble. They hang above the smartboard watching over us, reminding me to teach well!

I foresee exciting things happening this school year in Room 121!!

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