Thursday, August 29, 2013

Open House!!

I had so much fun between 11-12noon today! I met most of my students and their families (all but 6 I think). One just moved here from Paris! I can't wait to show him Anne's blog so he can show me on the map where he lived. On all their desks I placed a sheet of paper where I snagged the twitter page and I asked them to write a tweet - something they are doing now, did over the summer, or plan to do this weekend. ALL their writing was so purposeful!! Since twitter asks you to write about what is happening right now, one student was very literal and wrote "I am writing this and then going to see my sister's classroom". Others wrote about places they went this summer or things they will do this weekend. A few wrote how excited they are about being in 4th grade!!

So far, only one parent has asked to follow us. I hope more do. Maybe I should sent home a "gift" for following us?? Something cheap but an incentive to get others to follow us. Maybe a feather with a thank you! I could look at Michaels.

I am thinking that my Teacher Research question will be "What happens when a 4th grade teacher using twitter in the classroom?" I can do more research about ways to use it. I can survey the kids. I am really excited about this use of technology. It dawned on me that it is a great way to spend time reading. It is a great structure to ensure that the writer is being concise and can summarize and share just the big ideas. So fun!!

After just one hour with my class, I know I am going to have a blast this year as a 4th grade teacher!

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