Saturday, June 7, 2014

Week of June 2-6

I really need to work on my report cards so here's a quick entry about an awesome week!! It really was a fun week - why? Maybe we all know we only have so many days left together...maybe we are more relaxed because state testing is done...maybe it is the warmer weather and sunny skies...maybe it is that each day we have taken time to PLAY through our ABC Countdown (I - write with ink pens; J - jump rope; K - say kind things; L - eat lunch in classroom with a movie, The Aristocats; M - more of movie with M&M treat). Maybe I am finally realizing how to handle the management of 27 students. I think ALL of us are feeling more confident, more in control of our actions. All are trying more to be kind and choose wisely - reading Wonder REALLY helped us understand HOW to treat others.

We also had an author visit - Jacqueline West!! So fun!!! I'll add more on this after I get the report cards done and paper work filed correctly into their literacy folders.

I hope this doesn't take my entire weekend...

But thoughts of attending the Reading Institute the week of June 29-July3 and having the whole month of July off to read and write and rest will keep me going!!!

Then I begin a new adventure as a 5th grade writing teacher in DCPS!!! More about that later, too.

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