Saturday, March 29, 2014

April begins on Tuesday!

Yikes...the last post I made was on Saturday, March 8th.

Yet I have reflected LOTS in March, just not on THIS blog. I participated in the Two Writing Teacher's March Slice of Life Challenge. I wrote EVERY DAY (so far...just tomorrow and Monday to go) in March and daily made 3 comments to others' writing.

I guess that writing on that blog I created -
kept me from my regular Saturday reflecting on this blog.

Lots has happened in March which I'll list here in no particular order:
1. I'm getting a better handle on a few disruptive students in my room. For one a behavior plan is working well. For another, time outs are working. As the 3rd quarter ends this coming Friday, I plan to call a few parents in to have a few discussions. I know SO much more now than I did back in September about managing behaviors. Part of me just wants a chance to have a "do over" but on we go. Personally, I know next year I will be more confident in how I help to guide behaviors and engagement in my classroom.

2. Teaching Historical Fiction is fun!! Using the Units of Study for Teaching Reading, I taught many of the mini-lessons. I saw GREAT power in having the kids read the HF picture book. Then reading NF related to the HF topic. Then rereading to make a story timeline and a parallel timeline of the history at that time. Some told me they couldn't read about times they have no background knowedge. Instead, I saw my students motivated to read NF to fill in the gaps so they could understand the book better.

3. Reading NF is hard and my students felt this. This opportunity helped me to emphaisze that sometimes in 4th , 5th, 6th, MS and HS reading WILL be hard. But that is when they need to step it up to do the hard work. I also saw many feeling successful when they did do this hard work!

4. I'm getting better at teaching math! I wish I could start the year over. I'll do it so much better next year!! Maybe it takes the year to see the WHOLE curriculum. Now that I have, my pacing and my methods will be much better.

5. Just April, May and June!! I want to make the BEST of this last quarter!! I wish I could do over this whole year as I can see so many places I could have done better but I still have 3 months and I WILL make the most of them!!!!

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