Saturday, November 16, 2013

I survived the 14 hour fieldtrip to Jamestown!!

What a LONG week!!

Monday, we hosted 20 friends, most of them veterans or wives of veterans! We sang each of the Military songs to honor Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard. We ate blueberry muffins and had our posters hanging! My students did such a GREAT job!! So proud of them!!

Then Tuesday I had to be out at a county training and my substitute kept the group busy but admitted to me on Wed that I have a challenging group. I'm just glad that she said she would come to sub again!

Wed was all the prep work for the fieldtrip.

Thursday I met the kids at 6:15 in the school cafeteria and we loaded 4 charter buses and headed south for a 3 hour drive to Jamestown, Va and back in time to 1607. We arrived at 10am and spent the ENTIRE day outside walking and touring and learning. It was fabulous, just a LONG time to be outside and so much walking! We left at 3pm and immediately got in traffic...returning at 7:30pm, instead of 6:30pm. tired...and I will admit, I mostly babysat today...we reflected on our trip and made a page to go in an ABC book about Jamestown but I was TOO tired to be on and teach.

And now, I am happily heading to Charlottesville to be a mom - Anne's in a play at UVA!! So glad to just forget about school for today...Sunday afternoon I'll have LOADS of homework, but who cares. I NEED a break!!

But looking back at the week, I wouldn't change a thing. Sure, the Veteran's Day celebration was extra work and another thing to plan, but I LOVED giving my students a chance to shine and honor others. The 13 hour fieldtrip was LONG but such an important way to learn! (But I'll admit, I'm glad it is over!!).

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